Walden of Bermondsey

Walden of Bermondsey

Writer, Peter Murphy recently retired as a judge after a career in the law, and Walden of Bermondsey, is a collection of humorous and satirical short stories told through the eyes of a Crown Court judge, based partly on his own experiences.  Reviewers have praised the book, which was published in November, as a worthy successor to John Mortimer’s Rumpole stories, as well building on the tradition of Henry Cecil and AP Herbert.  A second volume of the stories, under the title Judge Walden: Back in Session, will be published in June 2018.


Warm, witty and endearingly entertaining, fans of Rumpole of the Bailey will relish this romp through the trials and tribulations of a Bermondsey based Resident Judge’
Joanne Owen, LoveReading 

‘It’s a brilliant mix of insight, familiar bureaucratic concerns, and downright fun puzzles’
Leanna, The Crime Review 

‘Think Judge Deed, with less moral constipation, with a flair of Kavanagh QC and a smidgen of Rumpole of the Bailey. Walden of Bermondsey is the legal procedural equivalent of a cosy mystery’
Cheryl, Cheryl M M’s Book Blog

‘Charlie is not the only character in Walden Of Bermondsey who I found interesting. He works with some colourful colleagues, whose interactions with both Charlie and each other provides the novel with humour’
Kate, Portable Magic

‘What makes it stand out are the fabulously witty moments and seeing a court through the eyes of a judge instead of a lawyer… I really enjoyed meeting Charlie Walden’
Eva, Novel Deelights

Peter Murphy was interviewed by Sharon from Shaz’s Book Blog about his new character Walden and his writing life.
Sharon, Shaz’s Book Blog 

‘This is going to make quite a cracking little series’
Susan Hampson, Books From Dusk Till Dawn