The Men Who Lost America – A revolutionary new look at the American War of Independence (April 19th 1775-September 3, 1783)

A 4 part Drama – Documentary:

It was a war Britain seemingly should have won. The result was an aberration. The country had emerged as a premier global power from the Seven Years War, the first global conflict.  It was in the decade before the American Revolution that Lord George Macartney coined the phrase “The Empire upon which the Sun Never Sets.” Britain had the advantage of a professional military, the largest navy in the world and ready access to credit. After the American war of Independence (or the Revolutionary War as it was known in the US), it later went on to defeat the French and Spanish Navies at Trafalgar (1805) and Napoleon at Waterloo (1815).

So how did this happen, why did many of the American settlers from Britain turn against their colonial home? This is the story of how and why it happened and to a great extent what made North America what it is today.

Based on the multi-award winning book, ‘The Men Who Lost America’, by Professor Andrew O’Shaughnessy this drama documentary will look at the protagonists of this war and explain how and why the British Empire came to lose its greatest colony.